Of Scaly-breasted Munia & Pigeon repellent

Pigeons are a menace in any city nowadays…They would perch on the base plate of the bird feeder and finish off all the grain in no time. The only trick that managed to keep these flying rats, at bay was the artificial flower garlands!!!

We had tried all sorts of things to keep the pigeons away from the bird feeder…

  1. Hurrrrrr…..hussshhhhh….
  2. Toy guns that went phataakkkkkk….
  3. Blackboard chalk pieces hurled in every which way….

Then some sophistication…
4. Removing the base plate from the feeder and fitting perches just big enough for the little ones to perch….
That worked for a while till the pigeons with their oh-so-evolved brains outsmarted us…They somehow held on to the perches and flapped as if for their dear life…The feeder swayed and grain spilled… πŸ™

DSCN6021The flower garlands are at #5…We just hung a couple near the feeder. The pigeons could not fly in and land on the perches, neither could they perch on the garlands. This shit seriously seems to work!!! πŸ™‚πŸ™‚ …… Hope we can account for our evolved brains, better than the pigeons do!!!

– With Urvi
A point and shoot click in low light, super early in the morning!!!


– Until the next post…Ciao friends!!!