Great Pied Hornbill – A dream come true!!!

Binomial name: Buceros bicornis

Seed dispersion by hornbills, aptly called the Farmers of the Forest –

Hornbills, the largest frugivores, swallow fruits whole and do not damage the seeds. After eating the fruit whole, the larger seeds are regurgitated while the smaller one pass out through the droppings.

Hornbills do not spend a long time on the tree from which they have eaten fruits, usually they spend less than half an hour before flying off to perch on another tree. Most fruits are processed for more than an hour in the gut. So the seeds of the fruit they have eaten will be spat out several hours later somewhere else. Hornbills fly over great distances looking for fruits. Without them, the seeds would not travel so far in the forest and find new places to grow.

Hornbills symbolize a healthy forest. They are important in keeping the forest alive and growing. Hornbills are like gardeners who take care of their orchards ensuring continuity of fruits in the future.

DSC_1968The hornbill in the above picture is the female Great Pied Hornbill, a rare sighting near our hometown Pune. 🙂 It is an altitudinal migrant in the monsoons.


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